Paris1127 ( talk ) 03:54, (UTC) Definitely notable but too long for me to tackle right now. Unclear if it was translated from Russian or Ukrainian originally. It was also the first to introduce the variable of interest to the concept of readability. They found no way to measure content, format, or organizationbut they could measure variables of style. A b Flesch,. Most of the article is in English but the top part has some words in English and some in Vietnamese Japanesealphabet ( talk ) 15:52, 28 November 2017 (UTC) December 2017 edit Stefan Ryniewicz edit The initial language of this article was Polish. Preceding unsigned comment added by Omeganian ( talk contribs ) 19:26, (UTC) Not machine translated. 50 51 The Fry Graph correlates.86 with comprehension as measured by reading tests.

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ze hebben wel een levenslange sexervaring die garant staat voor geile omaseks omasex nl met. A shorter story will lose only two. Rincewind42 ( talk ) 10:46, (UTC) November 2016 edit Sub Rosa (band) edit The initial language of this article was Portuguese. Sounder Bruce 02:39, (UTC) Lu Andrade edit The initial language of this article was Portuguese. Qualitative assessment of text difficulty: A practical guide for teachers and writers. If you know what language was used, add: subst:Needtrans pg LanguageNameOfLanguage Comments - replacing NameOfLanguage with the English name of the language. C hampion ( talk ) ( contributions ) ( logs ) 08:45, (UTC) Assault of Ayacucho prison edit The initial language of this article was Spanish. Becoming literate: The construction of inner control. Article has rough translation and needs the information verified with the cited Korean sources.

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Haven't tagged pages with this template in quite some time, so it's good to know/be reminded to leave it blank for the future. Definitely machine-translation Paris1127 ( talk ) 23:58, (UTC) Abdallah Lee edit The initial language of this article was French. RA0808 talk contribs 21:22, (UTC) I moved the article to correct capitalization, reflected in the change in this sections title. Ames, Iowa: University of Iowa Press. Also any pointers on pages that explain what to do with sources would be welcome. The Mind of the Buyer. Number of gerunds, participles, and absolutes Phrases.85 X _ _ Users add the numbers in the right hand column and divide the total by the number of T-units. Signed, Rosguill talk 22:51, (UTC) Akisutozeneko edit The initial language of this article was Japanese. Hitro talk 09:41, 18 November 2018 (UTC) Erdenet Mining Corporation edit Original language and text unknown, maybe Mongolian or Czech/Russian given the topic and data mentioned. Justlettersandnumbers ( talk ) 22:13, (UTC) Montenegrin basketball clubs in European competitions edit The initial language of this article was uncertain.

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lesbische a grote geile kut One Of Seven Billion ( talk ) 18:39, (UTC) Maya Turovskaya edit The initial language of this article was Russian. Toyokuni3 ( talk ) 20:16, (UTC) Intersindical-CSC edit The initial language of this article was Catalan. 16 In 1921, Harry.
Lesbische a grote geile kut These are battles that look important in French conquest of Algeria. Strikes me as a bit boring and formal in its english, but not our worst problem. The article title also needs work, and I've tagged the article Disputed title and invited folks at WT:germany to have a look at the title, and even whether this article should exist in this form.
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