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Usernames See also: WP:blpabuse Disruptive and offensive usernames (for example, names containing contentious material about living persons, or that are clearly abusive towards any race, religion or social group) should be immediately blocked and suppressed from logs. If a WikiProject banner shell template is also present, add blpyes. Writing style, tone, bLPs should be written responsibly, cautiously, and in a dispassionate tone, avoiding both understatement and overstatement. Very obvious errors can be fixed quickly, including by yourself. If the entire page is substantially of poor quality, primarily containing contentious material that is unsourced or poorly sourced, then it may be necessary to delete the entire page as an initial step, followed by discussion. Material should not be added to an article when the only sourcing is tabloid journalism.

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that attribute material to anonymous sources. A potential conflict of interest involves a situation that may develop into an actual conflict of interest. If you are an article subject and you find the article about you contains your personal information or potentially libelous statements, contact the oversight team so that they can evaluate the issue and possibly remove it from the page history. The simplest working definition states: A conflict of interest is a situation in which financial or other personal considerations have the potential to compromise or bias professional judgment and objectivity. This applies whether the material is negative, positive, neutral, or just questionable, and whether it is in a biography or in some other article. These principles apply equally to lists, navigation templates, and Infobox statements (referring to living persons within any Wikipedia page) that are based on religious beliefs (or lack of such) or sexual orientation or suggest that any living person has a poor reputation. See  Avoid misuse of primary sources regarding the misuse of primary sources to obtain personal information about subjects. Posts left by readers are never acceptable as sources.

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When in doubt, biographies should be pared back to a version that is completely sourced, neutral, and on-topic. More generally, editors who have a strongly negative or positive view of the subject of a biographical article should be especially careful to edit that article neutrally, if they choose to edit it at all. The extent to which the BLP policy applies to edits about groups is complex and must be judged on a case-by-case basis. When deciding whether to include a name, its publication in secondary sources other than news media, such as scholarly journals or the work of recognized experts, should be afforded greater weight than the brief appearance of names in news stories. Remove contentious material that is unsourced or poorly sourced See also: Wikipedia:Libel Remove immediately any contentious material about a living person that: is unsourced or poorly sourced; is an original interpretation or analysis of a source, or a synthesis of sources (see No original research. The deleting administrator should be prepared to explain the action to others, by e-mail if the material is sensitive. For editors violating this policy, the following can be used to warn them on their talk pages: The template BLP removal can be used on the talk page of an article to explain why material has been removed under this policy, and under what conditions. BLPs should not have trivia sections. If it is to be restored without significant change, consensus must be obtained first. This policy does not limit the use of administrative categories for WikiProjects, article clean-up, or other normal editor activities.