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Aoba47 ( talk ) 21:46, (UTC) @ Aoba47 :. The article passed its source and image reviews in the previous nomination and, since nothing's changed there, we believe that it doesn't need them to be reviewed again, but we'll abide by the decision of the delegates.- Sturmvogel 66 ( talk ) 20:27, (UTC) Support. Sportsfan77777 ( talk ) 05:20, (UTC) Comments from Ceranthor edit Will post comments asap. these are two different thoughts. I'll add some more as I go along. Im trying to formulate a concise way to modify this, could you suggest a rephrasing of the caption?

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Puerto Rico, Connie turned to the northwest, reaching peak winds of 140 mph (220 km/h)." Probably should mention the pressure here as well. Nikkimaria ( talk ) 01:42, (UTC) I think that would be the issue, we do not have any further information about the photo or who took. It would be beneficially to recruit native editors to do the work. It's unclear who he wrote it too, otherwise I'd add that.

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Isn't it best to be consistent? Aoba47 ( talk ) vagina com gay massage friesland 15:28, (UTC) I might do a source review. In "Background" for example, the first paragraph has four sentences at its end, all referring to slightly different things, before a citation appears. Nick-D ( talk ) 00:33, (UTC) Now done - SchroCat ( talk ) 12:15, (UTC) Many thanks Nick. "written by Henry John Congreve" Can he be presented somehow? You mention in the infobox the specific highest rainfall total in Oklahoma, which is more useful to the reader than "up to 18 in which is a fuzzy number that isn't real. However, if you believe it is not necessary, then I will remove. I prefer the existing title, but as above "if that misleads a reader then it can be changed". Thanks for the the comments.- Wehwalt ( talk ) 18:53, (UTC) Irakli Tsereteli edit Nominator(s Kaiser matias ( talk ) 00:54, (UTC) Irakli Tsereteli was a Georgian politician active in revolutionary Russia, and arguably the most important figure in the Petrograd Soviet until the Bolsheviks. Due to mounting political needs for additional British fighting troops in North Africa, the division was deployed in a roundabout way to the Middle East. Moisejp ( talk ) 02:48, (UTC) There is no indication that it was anything but an honest mistake made in the rush to get out of town. Dalby,.B.,.S.O., ret. One brigade fought in Malaya, and the entire division (although erotische massagesalon amersfoort marktplaats sex mishandled and committed piecemeal) fought in the disastrous defense of Singapore and joined in the general surrender. The American pints are in general smaller than the British pints,. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 01:29, (UTC) "Collins, Michael (1989). "relatively unchanged" crops up three times in the article.

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You can see David Roth's name on there. Comprehensiveness A Gbooks and jstor search for waterloo bay massacre did not reveal anything to suggest that relevant sources have been missed. Some folk tend to favour active voice, and although I'm not necessarily one of them, active voice might be better in this instance. If a less costive layout can be found it will make the page look more appealing. Al Ameer ( talk ) 20:56, (UTC) Likewise for Sobernheim Fixed. Do we not know who on Bowbelle radioed this message? Not sure how else to elaborate on that? I would recommend something like "Ideologically a socialist, he was a leading spokesman for the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party during the era of the Russian Revolutions." That would be much clearer and less ambiguous for the reader. Those are incredibly important, critical I would say for continuing this FA candidacy, since they make up a majority of citations. This is a well-written and engaging article, and I'll be happy to support it per 1a once my comments are addressed.